Does Wanting To Throw the Pope Into The Sea Make You A More Loving Catholic?

Does Wanting To Throw the Pope Into The Sea Make You A More Loving Catholic? September 27, 2023

Does going to the Traditional Latin Mass  instead of the Novus Ordo Mass make you a holier, happier and more spiritually healthy person?

Does rejecting the Second Vatican Council make you more loving towards your neighbor?

Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen. 1 JOHN 4:20

Maria Elena@MariaElenaJMJ (Sep 20, 2023) The most beautiful thing this side of heaven. I’m always in amazement each time I witness and participate in a TLM, Procession, Stations of the Cross and all of the traditions of the Old Rite. Why would you go anywhere else?

A survey might tell us the amount of charitable giving one group of Catholics gives over another group of Catholics but of course God alone knows the heart and minds of every person in existence and if their hearts are seeking the truth so they can follow it with genuine heartfelt love.

You can’t take just one particular person or event and say that it represents everybody or everything in a particular group.

Most Novus Ordo Masses are not these weird anomalies with priests doing strange unorthodox things.

Samantha Toma, MSW@Dontstopbelief  (Sep 24, 2023)
The NO Mass spotlights Jesus Christ, not human tradition.
It is the reception of the body of Jesus Christ.

�️ Jolz@Jolz_Aust (Sep 25, 2023) Will this TLM vs NO Mass competition ever rest?
Jesus is present in both forms.
The Church has declared both forms are valid and sacred.

Canadian Monarchy Respecter �@ItsNotWhoYouTh3 (Sep 25, 2023)
Why bother with Novus Ordo?

– teaching parts of the mass in vernacular
– recieving under both species
– way more of the old and NT being read at Mass
– more possibility of active participation
– return of many very old traditions (e.g. bringing up of gifts)

I’m sure that not all TLM people are complete judgemental jollyless jerks who are angry all the time and whose main mission in life is to trash the pope, the Second Vatican Council and the non-latin liturgy. But then you run across videos like this where popular Youtube personality Fr. James Altman gives a sermon about how we should apply Luke 17:2 to Pope Francis.

It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble. -Luke 17:2

Rev. Benjamin Cremer@Brcremer (, 2023)

Mind you not many Rad Trads from the Catholic Rigorous Vortex who trash the pope are actually calling for him to be killed. At least not outloud. Anyway isn’t he just being hyperbolic?

Mark Brumley@mabrumley (, 2023) A priest on YouTube calling for the Pope to be killed. Hyperbole or not, biblical allusion or not, whether the priest regards Francis as pope or not, this is horrible. Oremus.

He’s just a one of a kind mad priest like the controversial anti-semitic Father Coughlin in the 30’s. He’s an obscure priest not known by mainstream Catholics who go to mass quietly every sunday. But yet he got several comments on this video like this…

  • Right on point, backed up by historical facts and scripture! Thank you, Father Altman. ❤️‍�
  • We need more Fr. Altmans in this world. He’s right! We aren’t angry enough as AB Fulton Sheen suggested. Time to get angry to do something. Pray the rosary daily!! God bless Fr. James Altman.
  • Save the Catholic Church! It is up to US the laity. Listen to all of Fr Altman’s message as he quotes Jesus and the saints. Forward this video to everyone
Mike Lewis@mfjlewis (, 2023) Judging by the YouTube comments, many think Fr Altman’s voice is that of holiness and heroic virtue. Assuming these are real people and not bots, yikes.
It looks as if many folks would like, applaud and not mind too much if Pope Francis walked the plank while they stood around like virtuous saintly pirates watching it happen. He is labeled as heroic cause he voices certain peoples angry frustrated feelings about the pope who from what I have seen tries to be very pastoral to the outcasts and who supports all the orthodox Catholic teachings but who also emphasises the things people disagree and are uncomfortable with.

One of biggest critics of Pope Francis and ironically defender of the legitimacy of his  papacy and who has platformed Fr. Altman on his TV channel had this to say about his statement on throwing the pope into the sea.

Michael Voris@Michael_Voris (, 2023)
Calling for the pope to be killed is so far over the top that any priest advocating for it should not only be kicked outta the priesthood, but excommunicated.
Jesus didn’t say to actually DO IT.
He said it would be a better fate for them than facing the Divine wrath.
It was a comparison- not a charge to go kill.

And here is an other outspoken critic of Pope Francis who appeared at the same Cancelled Priests Conference that Fr. Altman did. He was part of the crowd that cheered him on during his talk.

Eric Sammons@EricRSammons (September 25, 2023) If you are a priest and you think the man that almost everyone on earth believes is pope should be thrown into the sea with a millstone around his neck, you should be doing penance in sackcloth and ashes, not producing emotion-manufacturing videos with a smile on your face.
Eric Sammons: While I was at the same Cancelled Priests Conference as Fr. Altman, he had not yet declared his sedevacantism at that point (in fact, I believe it was at the CPC that he first did), and I had left the conference before he gave his talk. So I was not “part of the crowd that cheered him on during his talk.”
Not all TLM lovers are calling for the pope to be killed either figuratively or literally.

Not all TLM lovers are angry irrational people cheering on someone who does call for him to be killed in one way or another.

But one noisy priest in persona Christi has done so publicly for all the digital world to see.
This priest was given a virtual standing ovation.

Does going to the TLM make you a more Christ-centered Catholic
more charitable and humble then those who don’t go to it?
Does wanting to cast the pope into the sea make you more of of an authentic evangelist spreading
the Truth, Beauty and Goodness of the Catholic faith?

There are many examples of masses not being as cringe as a clown mass. I went to one on vacation in Colorado that was done Ad orientem, with a kneeler put out so people could receive kneeling and on the tongue. There was confession, benediction and Eucharistic adoration before hand.

There are Rad Trads like Church Militant calling out Fr. James Altman for his anti-catholic rhetoric.

But in my time online there are so many anti-Francis, anti NO mass, anti-vatican 2 voices spewing hatred that voices like Fr. Altman are not a small quiet minority in the shadows. It may be true that those who go to the TLM are future yet to be canonized saints. But you wouldn’t know it when they stay hidden and the Fr. Altmans online are the ones answering the question I asked.

Does going to the TLM make you more charitable and loving towards your neighbor?

The Argumentative Catholic@ArguCatholic (September 24, 2023)
Fr. Joseph Krupp@Joeinblack (September 24, 2023)
Steve Skojec They Will Know We Are Traddies by Our Love (October 4, 2010)
I do believe that those of us who have been drawn to the majesty and solemnity of the ancient liturgy have a pearl of great price that should make us excited to be Catholic, and to share the goodness we’ve found with others. We should be happy at Mass, friendly to our fellow parishioners, welcoming to those who are new, and understanding to those who don’t yet see why we make so much effort to be a part of something so outside the norm. Condemnations, judgments, specious arguments, and morose dispositions do no favors for our cause, or its future. We’ve got something great going on, and it’s about time we acted like it.

For a full detailed better take on the Fr. Altman video.

Check out Michael Lofton’s Video.

Alberto Corti ⭐️⭐️⭐️@CortiMza (Sep 24, 2023)
Let’s pray for Fr. Altman ���

That’s 3 Mike’s and a Mark I’ve shared in this article.

Some More Mass/Catholic Thoughts

Meg Hunter-Kilmer@MegHunterKilmer  (Sep 24, 2023)
The congregation at Mass today was 50% Black, 40% Burmese, and 10% white. We have a lot of issues, but I sure do love being Catholic.

Fr. Cassidy Stinson@TheHappyPriest (Sep 24, 2023)
One of my favorite things about my parish is that many of my families live close together and host neighborhood socials for any excuse whatsoever.

Kid got baptized? Party.

New family moved in and needs a house blessing? Party.

Too long since the last Catholic party? Party!

Timothy HJ Nerozzi 庭夢@TimothyNerozzi (Sep 24, 2023)
If a Catholic benefactor gave me a modest amount of money to do something to improve the church, I’d start a non-profit that just fulfills requests for portraits of the pope to hang in your home.
It’s a shame that the tradition died over the last few generations.



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  1. While I was at the same Cancelled Priests Conference as Fr. Altman, he had not yet declared his sedevacantism at that point (in fact, I believe it was at the CPC that he first did), and I had left the conference before he gave his talk. So I was not “part of the crowd that cheered him on during his talk.”

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