‘The Blind,’ Biopic of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Patriarch Phil Robertson Earns $5M, Hits Top 5 of Box Office

‘The Blind,’ Biopic of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Patriarch Phil Robertson Earns $5M, Hits Top 5 of Box Office October 2, 2023

During it’s opening weekend, the new biopic of Phil Robertson aka “The Duck Commander” author and star of the “Duck Dynasty” television series, earned $5.1 million, according to studio estimates. It also placed in the top five of weekend earnings, behind “The Nun II” and ahead of “A Haunting in Venice.” The film also earned an impressive 99% approval from the Rotten Tomatoes movie review site.

Aron von Andrian and Amelia Eve star in ‘The Blind.’ Image courtesy of Epic PR.
“We are thankful that so many people are going to the theaters to support this film and experience this incredible story of redemption,” says executive producer Willie Robertson. “Thousands of people are leaving theaters with renewed hope and a sense that it’s not too late to turn their lives around.”
Willie and his wife Korie, who served as executive producers and head up the new production company Tread Lively, recently spoke to Reel Faith’s DeWayne Hamby about the miraculous true story of Phil Robertson’s conversion to Christianity.
“I can trace the spiritual ’23 and Me”’ all the way back to this little couple,” Robertson said. “The story honestly is more about Kay. Phil had this drastic life change. His life was in the toilet and so bad, but Kay having that strength to stay with him. It’s amazing.”
The distribution is being handled by Fathom Events, who introduced The Blind as one of the first titles in Fathom’s new specialty distribution model, giving the film a ten-day run based upon the quality of the production, the powerful, uplifting story and how it would resonate with audiences.
“The early success of “The Blind” proves that audiences are hungry for honest and encouraging content,” said Zach Dasher, one of the film’s producers and a nephew of Phil Robertson. “We want people everywhere to be reminded that there is hope, even when it seems impossible.”
Based on the life of Phil and Kay Robertson, “The Blind” is a powerful true story of love, hardship, and redemption. With a talented cast, including Aron von Andrian, Amelia Eve, Brielle Robillard, Matthew Erick White, directed by Andrew Hyatt, and original script by Stephanie Katz, shows that no one is beyond the grace of God, and no one is so far gone that they cannot turn their life around.
For more information on “The Blind” or to purchase tickets, click here.

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